Linkfest:Aug 31, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

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Valuing the iPhone franchise (AswathDamodaran)

The MSO bull run continues

Way back in end March, I had blogged about the bull run in Multiple System Operators due to the Cable Digitization Bill.

Well, since then, the bull run has continued as can be seen from the performance below:

WWIL (121.25%)

DEN (13.67%)

Hathway (6.91%)

Too bad Parliament is stalled else it would have generated some more stock picking ideas !!


Things ended

Another great poem from Cavafy…suitable for amateur traders.

Possessed by fear and suspicion,
mind agitated, eyes alarmed,
we desperately invent ways out,
plan how to avoid the inevitable
danger that threatens us so terribly.
Yet we’re mistaken, that’s not the danger ahead:
the information was false
(or we didn’t hear it, or didn’t get it right).
Another disaster, one we never imagined,
suddenly, violently, descends upon us,
and finding us unprepared—there’s no time left—
sweeps us away.

Linkfest:Aug 30,2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

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