Weekend Mega Linkfest: 22 September, 2023

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

On the Women’s Reservation Bill (Open)

Canada’s endorsement of terrorism (ORF)

Trudeau needs to provide proof (Toronto Sun)

Lavrov’s speech at UN Security Council (Chebureki Man)

Renewed hostilities between Armenia & Azerbaijan (Cradle)

How Pakistan’s drivers stay safe (ROW)

Thread: China Internet’s racist slurs against India (Wenhao)

The bizarre secret behind China’s spy balloon (Yahoo)

Afghanistan: Understanding the greater game (Tribune)

Palki Sharma is the face of rising, angry India (Print)

Meeting Mumbai again (AFar)

Yom Kippur, 1973 (TOI)

Norway’s apple cider (BBC Travel)

Thread: 12 best Korean movies (Peter Yang)

Obituary: Gita Mehta (Mint)


Chart : US Treasury Yields


Gravita: Defying Gravity

Source: Investor Presentation of Gravita India Ltd


Linkfest: 22 September, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

JP Morgan is adding India to its EM Bond Index (MC)

Nirma buys Glenmark Life Sciences (Rediff)

Tesla proposes EV battery storage factory in India (BS)

Canadian funds hold over $30 Billion in India (FE)

Lohum ties up Nepal’s EV recycling market (Saur Energy)

Duopoly in Indian skies (Forbes)

India auto ancilliary cos impacted by US Auto workers’ strike (Fortune)

US Tech IPOs get poor response (CNBC)

Business Analysis of Tyre Manufacturing Cos (Dr Vijay Malik)

Higher rates, maybe forever (DR)


Adani Green: Total Support

Source: Press Release of Total Energies