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Here are the most clicked items on Alpha Ideas this week:

Whisky is the Biggest Winner (AI)

Chemicals: Advantage India (AI)

Jubilant Food: Pujo Pizza (AI)

Thread: On the irresponsible UK policy (Larry Summers)

Americans blew up the Norstorm pipelines (Tucker Carlson)

Using Nuclear Weapons: This is not a Bluff (Vladimir Putin)

Russia is the only Exception (AI)

Mega Trend: India Cancer Care (AI)

Forecasting Folly: RBI Edition (AI)

This is not 2008 (Irrelevant Investor)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 30 September, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Using Nuclear Weapons: This is not a Bluff (Vladimir Putin)

Congress 2022 (M J Akbar)

Who wins from demolishing the EU’s gas lifelines? (RT)

The US blew up the Nordstorm pipelines (Tucker Carlson)

All Unquiet on the Ukrainian Front (American Conservative)

Taliban, Pakistan and the Heroin Networks (SAP)

Iran & the Hijab (Dawn)

Trussonomics is a childish absurdity (Guardian)

The rational case for a British Republic (Spiked)

2 Bombings in 1 Night is common in Sweden (Common Sense)

Rocketland (Verge)

Thread: Dr Ambedkar & Navratri (Dhaval Kulkarni)

A Nepali Dalit Mother’s accounts (Guernica)

Thread: Jan van Eyck, greatest painter of the Renaissance (CT)

Thread: 15 Hard Truths about Psychology & Life (PP)


Russia is the Only Exception

Source: RBI Monetary Policy Report Sept 2022

ForecastingFolly RBI

Forecasting Folly : RBI Edition

Source: RBI Monetary Policy Report Sept 2022


Linkfest: 30 September,2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

All eyes on RBI MPC meet today (DC)

ONDC to be open for public in Bengaluru from today (BT)

Indian Army to acquire 12 Drone Swarms (BW)

Recyling Startup Lohum gets $200 Million order from Glencore (ET)

Latest Post Office Interest Rates (Basu Nivesh)

Company: Go Colors (Forbes)

Interview with Stanley Druckenmiller (CNBC)

Interview with Bill Gurley (McKinsey)

Interview with Benedict Evans (The Market)

Inflation, Interest Rates & Stock Markets (Aswath Damodaran)