Weekend Mega Linkfest: 23 August, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The tangled web of Kashmir (Naeem Jilani)

Checkmate, Pakistan (Lawrence Sellin)

From Non-Alignment to Multi-Alignment (M J Akbar)

The rise and fall of Justin Trudeau (Guardian)

Searching for Duke (Hazlitt)

How life became an endless, terrible competition (Atlantic)

Discontent in JDU (Gossip Guru)

How Mysore’s Maharaja created history in Western Classical Music (BI)

An abduction on Malabar Hill (Manu Pillai)

Coffee, colonialism and crap (Madras Courier)

Bint el-Balad (Nour Malas)

Tibet’s Tsampa (BBC Travel)

Parle-G Pe Charcha (Arre)

Bakri Id Diary (Outlook)

Obituary: Khayyam (Dawn)

Linkfest: 23 August, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Alpha Ideas 20 20 Presentation: Neogen Chemicals (Manish Gupta)

Alpha Ideas 20 20 Presentation: Muthoot Finance (Priyan Kondoth)

Unprecedented financial sector crisis in 70 years (Niti Aayog)

New SEBI norms are a tax bonanza for FPIs (BL)

Why NTPC is getting the cold shoulder (Mint)

Indians pawning family gold amid credit crunch (Reuters)

The 5 dimensions of variant perception (CFA Society)

Here comes the #TrumpRecession (Barry)

Why US CEOs should fear a recession (ET)

How to lose a lawsuit- accuse a fund for over charging (Morningstar)