Weekend Mega Linkfest : October 14,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Indian Software dies at 17 (Andy)

Death of a King (Al Jazeera)

Punjab,not UP, will decide course of national politics (HP)

RSS: The Family Makeover (Open)

AAP: A One Man Show (Caravan)

Shimon Peres had a solution to the Kashmir problem (IH)

India has become like Pakistan (Harish Khare)

Sharif Brothers Vs Pak Army (Quint)

What to do in 36 Hours in Mumbai (NYTimes)

A Durga Pujo Short Story (Great Bong)

Prithvi Narayan Shah:Great Gorkha Emperor (IF)

Startup : JogoApp (YS)

A Whiskey for People who prefer Vodka (Bloomberg)

Gossip: Vikram Chatwal has lost it (FS)

Media Bullies (Media Crooks)

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