Weekend Mega Linkfest : October 07,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

What happened in Kashmir? (Atlantic)

The desperation of Indian housewives in the US (Quartz)

Army Vs Anti Nationals (Media Crooks)

Pakistan will win any war against India (Pakistan Tribune)

How a peanut seller became Asia’s biggest billionaire (Time)

The mind bending Benedict Cumberbatch (VanityFair)

Sweden: A cashless world (New Yorker)

The Cobalt pipeline (Washington Post)

Profile of the richest man ever- John D Rockefeller (Part I & II)

Valentine Strasser: Once the world’s youngest dictator (BuzzFeed)

Auto Talk: Small and useful car accessories (TeamBHP)

This is what I do in a negotiation (James Altucher)

James Bond is selling paan masala on Twitter (DailyO)

Sunil Mittal gets a reality check (Gossip Guru)

3 Entrepreneurial lessons from Arnold Palmer (Forbes)

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