Weekend Mega Linkfest: August 26,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Why India is the true victor at the Olympics (Theodore Dalrymple)

Bihar’s war on alcohol (HP)

Khursheed,a Kashmiri Jawan,took 8 bullets for India (Quint)

How one tweet led Syrians to Germany (Guardian)

Rare picture of Mahatma Gandhi & Dalai Lama (Twitter)

How this 29 year old built a 180 Crore solar business (YS)

How the European harmonium become synonymous with Indian music? (Scroll)

Why the US President needs a council of Historians (Atlantic)

What drives Great Britain’s medal machine (Spectator)

In Photos:African Slavery in Iran (Guardian)

Research: Being lazy is sign of high intelligence (Independent)

The most exclusive restaurant in America (New Yorker)

Travelogue:Drive to Tawang (TeamBHP)

Mulayam Vs Akhilesh Yadav (Gossip Guru)

Naga girl fights racism with poetry (BI)

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