The real issue

So you cannot predict what is going to happen. What you can predict is whether this company which is earning say Rs 100 crore, will earn Rs 1000 crore in next five-six years, 10 years.

Out of the 10 companies you predict, may be 5, 6, 7 will be right, 2-3 will be wide off the downside and few of them will be wide on the upside and the combination will give you a good.

If you have a right process then I am quite sure you will make money. If you end up buying a little higher, your rate will be shorter term, rate of return will be little lower but eventually in five-six years it does not matter

See if the stock has to go from Rs 100 to say Rs 1000, whether you bought it at Rs 103 or Rs 98 does not matter. The issue is whether you bought it or not.

-said Raamdeo Agrawal

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