Mega Linkfest:May 13,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

My Seditious Heart (Arundhati Roy)

Kejriwal saving Sonia (Media Crooks)

How I dared to take on Wipro in a sexual harassment lawsuit (HP)

How Khan Academy plans to crack the Indian market (YS)

An encounter with Tej Pratap Yadav (Outlook)

Venezuela is falling apart (Atlantic)

Billionaires Vs Millionaires in Hawaii (BusinessWeek)

The gangsters on England’s doorstep (Guardian)

Inside Superstar Machine (Jezebel)

Private Schools,Painful Secrets (Boston Globe)

Marine Le Pen:France’s Next President? (Harpers)

Understanding Arun Shourie’s Modi riddle (OpIndia)

Shalini Saraswathi: No arms and legs,yet a marathoner (BI)

25 Breath Taking experiences you must have in India (NatGeo)

Gossip:The #1 person on Swamy’s hit list (Gossip Guru)

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