Baba Ramdev’s prophecy

“It’s just the start.

Ab tak, Colgate ka to gate khul gaya,

Nestle ka to panchhi urne wala hai,

Pantene ka to pant gila hone wala hai,

aur do saal me Unilever ka lever kharab ho jayega,”

Baba Ramdev mocked his MNC competitors.

2 replies on “Baba Ramdev’s prophecy”

Decline of every one starts with arrogance. This is nothing but plain arrogance. No doubt patanjali has become a great brand but it will commit the same mistake what others did, if it doesn’t remain humble.

He is not the first to compete with MNCs.Let us not forget Dabur , Vicco and many others who are still standing strong and these people didnt have a ban to favour them also(Maggi ban). End of the day quality and pricing will win, we are not under imperialism anymore to do boycotts.

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