Linkfest:April 08,2016

Wish all readers a Happy Gudi Padwa.

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

A turn in the economy (Akash Prakash)

The 29,000 Crore coal over-invoicing scam (EPW)

Equitas IPO top draw (Money Control)

Vodafone India starts process for IPO (Bloomberg)

Analjit Singh’s next big bet: Max Ventures (Mint)

IVRCL is an example of what’s wrong with India Inc (Vivek Kaul)

Why has Kotak group again invested in Diamond Power Infra? (Gaurav)

Losing Money (A VC)

Overbought,oversold and the great paradox in markets (PP)

Jamie Dimon’s annual letter to shareholders (Street Insider)


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