Uday Kotak: 2 Quarters More

Q: Do you see earnings growth, does your research team and you share the confidence that FY17 there will be that kind of double digit earnings growth?

Uday Kotak: We believe so. We believe that earnings will pick up particularly in the second half of FY17.

Q: We have been pushing it behind by two quarters for perhaps the last two years. Is this it finally?

Uday Kotak: Depends on the monsoons and that is a very important criteria and also the global situation, as long as the global situation is not hostile and we have a decent monsoon, we have a fair chance of seeing the economy begin to bounce back in the second half of FY17.

-from Money Control

One reply on “Uday Kotak: 2 Quarters More”

Ha ha…poor Mr. Kotak, and poorer Mr. Kotak’s followers in 2 quarters. Sensex will be at 15,000 in 2 quarters, and nifty at 4K. This coaster is not to be missed.

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