Linkfest:October 23,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Over 75% real estate projects are non-starters (FE)

Rakesh Gangwal lays out the vision for Indigo (Mint)

OMC stocks wilt (ET)

Nobel Prize Winner says India is faking its economic data (WSJ)

Market musings (Bala)

Taxes are why long term passive is better than short term trading (Prashant)

Invest like a hedge fund manager (ETF)

Who on Wall Street is losing on the oil trade (Wolf Street)

Daniel Kahneman on intuition (Compounding My Interest)

A guide to equity investment (Colaco & Aranha)

2 replies on “Linkfest:October 23,2015”

You write “India is faking its economic data”, whilst the guy says there is an unexplainable difference; are you trying to get into the newspapers?

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