Weekend Mega Linkfest: 2 October,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Old Money’s 7 Essential Ways to stay rich (Bloomberg)

The Chennai born scientist who exposed Volkswagen (Outlook)

The narrow exit road for India’s billion $ startups (Haresh Chawla)

The pink revolution (Wire)

Demolishing the Aurangzeb Apologists Cabal (Op India)

How to have 106 Babies (GQ)

Vegas on the Black Sea (R&K)

The IKEA attack (WP)

Nike-Adidas Sneaker Wars (GQ)

Surviving an earthquake on Mt.Everest (QZ)

Ownership Report:Audi A6 (Team BHP)

Putin’s crooked road to Damascus (Project Syndicate)

Startup: GrabOnRent (YS)

23 Best Beaches of India (BuzzFeed)

What old age is really like? (New Yorker)

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