Weekend Mega Linkfest:September 25,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Why giving any job to Subramaniam Swamy is a headache (DailyO)

Bihar Elections 2015 (Open)

How Gujarat Govt stole the thunder from Hardik Patel (Scroll)

Will Piramal Realty prove lucky for their investors? (Outlook Business)

Hitler at Home (Places Journal)

Yogi Berra (Sports Illustrated)

Nariobi’s Westgate Mall Massacre (Foreign Policy)

Destined for war:Is US and China headed for war (Atlantic)

How to maintain your car in top shape (Team BHP)

Yes to Catalan Independence (Project Syndicate)

Why aren’t we inspired by Hillary Clinton? (New Yorker)

The economy that built ancient Egypt (Smithsonian)

Find out how much traffic a website gets (Labnol)

My husband is now my wife (NYMag)

Movie Review:Kis Kisko Pyaar Karun (MAM)

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