Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 11,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

We got into IIT/IIM.Our kids won’t  (Sajith Pai)

Fake Currency:How RAW is turning the heat on Pakistan (OneIndia)

The siege of Herbalife (Fortune)

What happens after you book a car (Team BHP)

Why I put my wife’s career first (Atlantic)

All scientists should be militant atheists (New Yorker)

From Rs.240 to Rs. 20 Crore (YS)

Thyrocare:Testing new waters in medical diagnostics (Forbes)

An extraordinary story of 5 Colonial Indians (Wire)

Devendra Fadnavis Vs Sharad Pawar (DailyO)

Gossip: 3 Mistakes of Rahul Gandhi (1, 2,3)

Full On Bollywood Gossip (Fashion Scandal)

How ministers milk PSUs for ads and sponsorships (Newslaundry)

China’s focus on football (Guardian)

Documentary Watch:Battle of Stalingrad (You Tube)

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