Why Reliance investors are missing Dhirubhai Ambani

One reply on “Why Reliance investors are missing Dhirubhai Ambani”

Lot of alleged link-up/nexus with power centers getting undue advantage in terms of favourable government policies ended with Dhirubhai passing away and the feud between Ambani brothers which left a lot of public spat and scar on both of them. NDA Govt led by Narendra Modi is hell bent to end the business men lobbying in the corridors of power at North and South Block. Remember, arrest of high profile executives of RIL, ADAG and other Groups from Shastri Bhavan (Petroleum Ministry) some time back. This was done to sent a stern message to Industry to refrain from such activities.
In addition to this, RIL made serious mistakes in buying Shell gas assets in US (sold now at nominal profits), to reduce output from KG-D-6 basin for gas output. Retail business is loosing money from day one. Reliance Jio 4-G launch has been delayed by more than 4 years (now every other competitor is already in the market.
These all activities are reflecting on the business, balance sheet and share price of RIL.

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