MF Advisor’s career explained in one line

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Nothing wrong.
1. For Five years, I had SIPs in 10 top funds.
2. I had PILES (Pun Intended) of Sheets, but average returns.
3. I deduct the Entry/ Exit charges, LO, the returns are just about Bank Intetest
4. NAV returns are different from Actual returns

Even the best fund available is a Diversified fund…
You become the Fund Manager, and Life of others is settled
They always say LONG TERM. They buy time, while we buy the fund

The fund performance is then compared with the Index….,
It beats Sensex Returns
It beats Nifty…
The NAV returns are 200%- which means 10 becomes 30. For Initial offer
How long it took? 4 years ? Which means 25% YOY? Or even less! Which is 22.5% after entry load
Defenitely beats The Sense..X

You won’t believe how many people in India DON’T UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF THAT SINGLE LINE.
You won’t believe how many people in India CANNOT DISTINGUISH BETWEEN A ‘MF SELLER’ AND A ‘MF ADVISOR’.

How many people,indeed. At the last count there were less than 50,000 in the entire country, out of whom hardly half are active. We have more people selling gold with 15% making charges in one city im sure. As a MF advisor i wish may the tribe increase !!

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