SEBI trips front runners

(Hat Tip: RJ)

A fantastic piece of work by SEBI where they caught front running by employees of the Sterling Group and Sharekhan.The order makes for fascinating reading.

As an aside,many of the stock market “veterans” made their fortunes front running institutional orders.They would be thanking their stars that SEBI was not this active then.

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3 replies on “SEBI trips front runners”

wow.. not only were sterling trades being front run by its employee.. his trades were also being front-run by his broker dealer… lol.. a monetary deterrance is not going to be enough. have to put ppl behind jail for sometime, and widely publicize such cases, then that will act as an effective deterrant.

But my sense is this is just tip of the iceberg. With trades worth lakhs of crores done daily in the markets, there are a lot of ppl out there making way more money doing this.

Sebi should not just impound illegal profits but should add cost of investigation and fine of 30 to 100%

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