Jerry Rao wants to give you 15% assured returns

Jerry Rao is a well-known entrepreneur most famously known for starting Mphasis.

His latest venture is Value and Budget Housing Corporation (VBHC) of which he is the Executive Chairman

I was surprised to get this offer from VBHC which promises the investor an assured return of 15%

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Basically, VBHC is using the credit profile of the Investor to get itself low cost HFC funds.This is surprising as only last year, VBHC had raised funds from pedigreed investors like Carlyle group and IFC.

What happened Jerry?The money ran out?

One reply on “Jerry Rao wants to give you 15% assured returns”

Looks like a way to sell and trap investor to purchase flat in a sluggish market. Wonder how a hfc would lend with out a flat being registered in borrowers name, it is a mortgage and not a unsecured lending. Why would anybody go to the trouble of applying home loan and a huge liability 4 times the investment for 15% promised return

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