Linkfest:Feb 13, 2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

HDFC Bank may be dropped from MSCI Indices (ET)

Shareholders cold shoulder proxy firms’ red flags (FE)

What IPL team owners did not learn from previous auctions (Mint)

NSEL Scam:Squaring with a preferred few (BS)

Real Estate Returns Calculator (FreeFinCal)

Railway Budget 2014-15 Highlights (SimpleTaxIndia)

How I multiplied my income 2.5x after quitting my job (SafalNiveshak)

Investing Successfully is really hard (RPSeaWright)

Why India’s emerging market is in trouble (CNN)

Adriana Ferreyr hits George Soros (DealBreaker)

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  1. sir
    new look of the website is very nice. it seems you listened to the advice of @lordludus. congratulations and best wishes.

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