Linkfest:Jan 22, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Has India’s low cost IT model maxed out? (ET)

India is no longer the automatic choice for IT services (Economist)

Inheritance tax would be more money down the drain (Firstpost)

RCom deal with Reliance Industries is inevitable:CLSA (FE)

Indian jeweler becomes billionaire (Bloomberg)

India to take up domestic broker’s issue with US Govt (BS)

Stubborn national politics drag down the global economy (GordonBrown)

Bye Bye NPS (Subramoney)

Jamie Dimon offers illusion of transparency (Bloomberg)

Felix Zulauf growls (TRB)

TopĀ  10 ways to deal with behavioral biases (RpseaWright)

The one lousy thing about my Lufthansa Business Class Flight (BusinessInsider)

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