Portfolio of Prof. Mankekar

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here).

Prof. Mankekar is a well known celebrity investor in the Indian Capital Markets.The investments of the Mankekar family are in the name of Prof Mankekar, his wife Laxmi and his son Kedar. (Prashant has pointed out that some investments are made in the name of Om Kedar Investments also)

His latest holdings as on Sept 2012 as per stock exchanges websites is given below:

Company Name Entity Name # of Shares %
Wockhardt Laxmi Shivanand Mankekar 2175506 1.99
MT Educare Laxmi Shivanand Mankekar 1058015 2.68
MT Educare Shivanand Shankar Mankekar 882489 2.23
Shasun Pharma Shivanand Shankar Mankekar 2100000 3.81
Strides Arcolab Shivanand Shankar Mankekar 2215163 3.77
Claris Lifesciences Shivanand Shankar Mankekar 1132033 1.77

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2 Replies to “Portfolio of Prof. Mankekar”

  1. First of all very good website,it’s always dream to know to portfolio of great indian investor,please also post Damani Sir Portfolio also.
    Also Shivanand Shankar Mankekar has more than 1% Stake in United Spirits Limited which in the news mostly due to USL-Diagao Deal.

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