Weekend Mega Linkfest:Dec 15, 2012

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

Kushinagar (Caravan)

The communal card being flashed nationally (Outlook)

The sour taste of eye candy (Tehelka)

Slum Golf (Open)

Biwi ho to aisi (Newslaundry)

One woman, a hairdryer and $20 million business (ForbesIndia)

Why are Americans the most armed civilians on the planet? (NewYorker)

Moms should think twice before quitting their jobs (Atlantic)

Proust Questionnaire: Louis C K (VanityFair)

Why China and Pakistan want demilitarization of Siachen (IDR)

Shia days of rage (ForeignAffairs)

The top 10 Animal Superpowers (Smithsonian)

Book Review: The life and times of the Penis (Economist)

Commenting online?Call a lawyer (SmartMoney)

Book review: Love stories #1 to 14 (JaiArjun)

The idol thief (NewYorker)

TeamBHP Car of the year 2012 (TeamBHP)

Should we live to 1000 ? (ProjectSyndicate)

Movie Review:Talaash (GreatBong)

The real reason why Jimmy Amarnath was sacked (UnrealTimes)

10 lessons learnt from 50 Shades of Grey (GQ) (Hat tip LordLudus)

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