Weekend Mega Linkfest:Dec 08, 2012

Some interesting offbeat reads for the weekend:

The villain nobody knows (Open)

Ajit Pawar’s greed (Tehelka)

Exit Stage right (Outlook)

How Samir Jain created the modern Indian newspaper industry (Caravan)

Can you take it Tavleen Singh ? (Newslaundry)

Azim Premji: Outstanding philanthropist (ForbesIndia)

The long reach of Islamic fundamentalism (IDR)

Even Santa can’t find a job (SmartMoney)

The year in conspiracy theories (NewYorker)

Royal pregnancy prank and a suicide (Slate)

Tim Cook’s freshman year at Apple (Businessweek)

Life and death struggle (Economist)

Climate change may have driven Genghis Khan’s Army (Smithsonian)

Capturing Congo (ForeignAffairs)

Marc Anderson’s top 10 Tech predictions for 2013 (Forbes)

Chris Rock:Career, Weed, Wife (VanityFair)

Travelogue: Sasan Gir Lion (TeamBHP)

Presentation on Floats & Moats (FundooProfessor)

Britain’s European Destiny (TonyBlair)

Middle Class Indians celebrate FDI in retail (UnrealTimes)

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