Weekend Mega Linkfest:Dec 1, 2012

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

The turbulent reign of Arnab Goswami (Caravan)

Madhu Trehan interviews Naveen Jindal (NewsLaundry)

The road ahead for Mhaiskar and IRB India (ForbesIndia)

Sam Maneckshaw on leadership and discipline (IDR)

Book Excerpt: Sonia Gandhi, the material girl (Durbar)

Sweet deals are made of gas (Tehelka)

Is there any hope for the hung over? (NewYorker)

Indebted dragon (ForeignAffairs)

The first use of OMG was in 1917 letter to Churchill (Smithsonian)

Ratan Tata’s legacy (Economist)

Argentina’s 11 years of war with hedge funds (BusinessWeek)

Mr.China comes to America (Atlantic)

New York’s stiffest drinks (Grubstreet)

Why rich Greeks don’t want to pay taxes (Forbes)

Why the art world is so loathsome (Slate)

10 trailblazers of new Indian cinema (JaiArjun)

Rich man, poor man (WashingtonPost)

Ownership report of Renault Duster (TeamBHP)

Sachin needs to save his legacy from himself (GreatBong)

Book Review:Taleb’s Antifragile (Falkenblog)    (Hattip LordLudus)

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