Weekend Mega Linkfest:Nov 10, 2012

Some interesting offbeat reads for the weekend:

The wrongful arrest of Naveen Soorinje (Tehelka)

Gas Masks mandatory (Outlook)

The highs and lows of being Piyush Mishra (Caravan)

Cut and Paste (IndrajitHazra)

There is really something about Nisa Godrej (ForbesIndia)

China loading up on gold (Forbes)

Two tales of Mitt Romney’s post campaign treatment of his staff (VanityFair)

The graded, ranked and non negotiable guide to every Bond song (Atlantic)

Denial has poisoned the GOP (NYMag)

Uncovering the truth behind the myth of Pancho Villa (Smithsonian)

Before and after Hu (ForeignAffairs)

The five people who won the election for Obama (Slate)

Nostalgia: Tinkle Tinkle Little Store (JaiArjun)

Inside John McAfee’s heart of darkness (Gizmodo)

How to handle a tyre burst (TeamBHP)

Owners like low stock prices (SeekingAlpha)

Speaking of metaphors (FundooProf)

Whats troubling India?(KennethRogoff)

The restaurant industry’s invisible men (MumbaiBoss)

How Moscow University discriminated against the Jews (NewCriterion)

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