Forget Gold.Buy Whiskey

Gold, art, coins etc fall into a category called collectibles.The value of these collectibles doesn’t depend on any cash flow but on what price the next buyer is willing to pay.

Now whiskey too is joining the ranks of collectibles.

According to an article in FT Adviser,

If you’d bought the current best performing 250 bottles of whisky in 2008 (at auction in the UK) they would have cost £42,508. In todays’ market they would be worth £94,884, an increase of 123.21 per cent.

If you’d done the same with the top 100 bottles, the increase is 162.96 per cent and the top 10 would have gained by 297.62 per cent, according to the Whisky Hignland index.

As with all investments, the risk of getting it wrong can be catastrophic, and whisky is no exception. The bottom 10 performing bottles of whisky represent a 73.47 per cent loss in value since 2008.


Now try convincing your wife to trade in her gold for whisky !!


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